It’s not just in what we do; it's in how we do it: with grit, passion, and an unwavering ambition to move audiences.

Mike Morrisroe

President &
Executive Producer

Mia Vyzis

Executive Creative

Barbara Terzieff

Executive Producer

Matt McNaghten

Executive Producer & Editor

Carl Malone

Executive Producer

Austin Suit

Senior Designer

Jay Matsudaira

Senior Producer

Madi Phillips

Director &
Senior Producer

Koa Kohler

Creative Director

Kat Harrell

Manager, Business Information & Culture

Todd Mueller

Senior Producer

Brett Langlois


Jason McConnehey

Senior Producer

Bruce Stead

Rob Edit 1.jpg

Rob Lawrence


Corey Lovett

Sr. Creative Producer

Jeff Kesler

Senior Editor &
Motion Graphics

Alex Britton

Graphic Designer

Jordan Siegman

Senior Producer

Om Khandekar

Associate Producer
Mark Edit 1.jpg

Mark Dickison

In tribute: Our friend & Founder